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People who have crooked teeth are sometimes concerned about the prospect of having to wear braces, especially if they are self-conscious. No one wants to feel shy about smiling or otherwise reveal crooked teeth in public. Adults in particular may associate wearing braces with childhood, and feel that it would be awkward for them to wear braces in the workplace or in social situations. However, the Invisalign System enables the orthodontist to straighten a patient’s teeth with an appliance that is practically invisible. If you are looking for Invisalign in Fort Lauderdale, you have a variety of orthodontists to choose from, including Benedetti Orthodontics. The Invisalign aligners move a patient’s teeth in tiny increments over a period of weeks until they reach proper alignment.

One benefit of Invisalign aligners over braces is that the patient has no restrictions on what food can be eaten. Patients must remove the Invisalign aligners prior to eating and then immediately brush the teeth and aligners before putting the aligners back in place. However, Invisalign patients must wear a retainer after their teeth reach alignment, just as patients who use braces.

Orthodontists at Benedetti Orthodontics must undergo extensive training and be certified through Align Technology before they can diagnose patients and treat them with Invisalign in Fort Lauderdale. Only an orthodontist can determine whether Invisalign is appropriate for a patient.

After the patient has been evaluated for invisible braces in Fort Lauderdale, the Invisalign aligners are calibrated according to measurements that the orthodontist prescribes. The orthodontist transmits the measurements to the manufacturer, where the Invisalign aligners are made, in numbers ranging from 12 to 48, depending on the patient’s needs. Invisalign relies on computer technology to turn the orthodontist’s instructions into a sequence of differently spaced aligners.

The key to success with invisible braces in Fort Lauderdale is the fact that different Invisalign aligners are created for each stage of the orthodontist’s plan of treatment. The patient wears each aligner for about 14 days, removing them only to eat food and then brush and floss the teeth. The teeth move very gradually as the aligners are replaced.

Prospective patients who are interested in finding out whether invisible braces are a good choice for their particular dental needs are encouraged to make an appointment to see Dr. Ana Benedetti at Benedetti Orthodontics.

A large percentage of our patients are adults, and they agree that it’s never too late to improve their greatest asset – their smile!